ZOMbie nIghT huNTERS

14 Oct


Yes we will be hosting a ZOMBIE NIGHT at the field. Can you survive the night?? Here is the break down for the event:

Date: October 25th 2014
Cost: $25
Check in time: 3pm (this includes chrono test*)
Time of the event: 5pm until mIdNiGhT
Raffle: There will be a raffle held. 1 ticket will be given upon entry fee. You can buy 1 additional ticket for $2. Limit 1 additional ticket per player.
Items in raffle:
1. Kalashnikov AK47
2. Tokyo Marui Grenade Launcher (shotgun style)
3: 2 bag of bbs (.20s or .25s)There will be 4 teams total. Each team has a certain color to wear as well as certain weapons to use. Each team will be identified with a certain color glo stick. There will be no team switching once the event has started. Here are the teams:

1. Metro Police: All black or a darker blue(can mix with grey or white but primary color will be BLACK or BLUE)/Blue glo stick/limited to only Pistols and Shotguns

2. Z-Corps: All camo colors (top and bottom) are accepted for this team/Green glo stick/limited to only rifles (chrono test) Being on this team you can only have EITHER: 1 hi-cap magazine or 3 mid-cap magazines.
**The Z-Corps will be the ANTAGONIST group for the event**
3. Civilian: Normal clothes/yellow glo stick/limited to only MELEE weapons
4. Last but not least….ZOMBIE!!!!!!!Ragged clothes and zombie style masks. You can wear your face protection underneath the mask that you want to wear.Let us know what team you want to be on.

ALL teams must wear proper face protection to participate in the event.

Here are rules to follow for the event:

Refs will be on the field. The refs have the final say concerning any issue on the field. DO NOT argue with the refs. We are here to have a fun and enjoyable event.

*Chrono test will be for the Z-Corps’ rifles. 350fps no exceptions!!!! ALL testing will be done with .20s bb. The will be NO +10fps rule. 350fps is the limit for rifles PERIOD!!!!

Semi-automatic ONLY!!!!!

No Co2 pistols will be allowed (Green gas/Propane is acceptable)
No Grenades!!!!

If a zombie is shot they will go down for 20 seconds. If a zombie is within 10 feet or less you CANNOT shoot them. You have to figure a way to get away.

If your going to move with haste (walking fast up to running) BE CAREFUL. There will be limited lighting in certain areas of the field. BE CAREFUL!!!!!

If you are shot you will get one respawn (metro police/Z-Corps/civilian). If a zombie gets you…..DEAD…..you come off the field.

More rules may be added up to the event. If so things will be posted to keep you up to date.



14 Nov

black friday 2014

Zombie Night Game

11 Oct

Commandos Airsoft Guns is hosting a Zombie Night game Saturday Oct 25/ 2014

Please call to register

Spaces are limited



20 Nov


Zombie Nigt Game

24 Oct


Halloween Game

17 Oct

Date: 10-26-13

Time: 11:00 PM –> 4:00 AM

Location : Commandos East side indoor 24649 Mound rd, Warren MI ,48091

Cost: $20

Prizes: $100 store credit  (optional to participate $2 / raffle)

you need to reserve to play

Saturday Night Sirus Game

21 Sep

Date: 9-21-13

Time: 11:00 PM –> 4:00 AM

Location : Commandos East side indoor 24649 Mound rd, Warren MI ,48091

Cost: $20

Prizes: $100 store credit  (optional to participate $2 / raffle)

you need to reserve to play : 313.467.0000

Free food and beverages will be served

Coming soon biggest indoor air soft arena

5 Jul

coming soon Commandos Airsoft with the biggest Air soft indoor arena 50,000 square feet

Be prepared

Be ready

Halloween night elmination Game oct 26-28

20 Oct

OCT 26-28 Halloween night elimination Game

Teams will compete for 3 days 26-27-28 to reach to the finals

The winner team will be split into 2 groups and compete against each other

The winner group will also be split and compete against each other

The last 2 players will compete against each other

The winner will receive a trophy

You can come in your costumes to the Games


Pistol-shot gun night eastside indoor 9-22-12

28 Aug

Pistol – Shot gun night game will be held at Eastside Indoor Date: Saturday Sep- 22 -2012 Time: 6 PM- 11 PM Location: Eastside Airsoft 24649 Mound Warren, MI 48091 Cost: – pre-register on here / online: $ 15                   -walk INS: $ 20 Rules: only pistols and shot guns can be used in this game Prizes: 3 raffle tickets. It is optional to participate in the raffle. Raffle cost is $2 separate from the cost to play. 1st prize: $ 150.00 store credit from Commandos air soft 2nd prize: $ 100.00 store credit from Commandos air soft 3rd prize: $ 50.00 store credit from Commandos air soft Full seal goggles are required, full face protection is required for anyone 16 and younger, and is highly recommended for everyone else. Magazines must be out in the safe zone. Guns must not be exposed while outside the building. We will go over a safety briefing before the games start. Please pre-register on here so we can know how many people are coming. For more questions you can IM me on yahoo messenger. screen name: dcas357 Or post your questions here. Website: http://commandosairsoftguns.com/